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Pelchem produces and supplies a variety of products and services to Southern African and foreign markets.

Pelchem SOC Ltd is a subsidiary of Necsa Ltd (The South African Nuclear Energy Corporation Limited) with its purpose to maintain and grow the portfolio of fluorochemical businesses of Necsa, and to align with and support the South African Fluorochemical Expansion Initiative (FEI).

Necsa is a public company established in terms of the Nuclear Energy Act, 1999 and is wholly-owned by the South African Government. The main function of Necsa is to undertake and promote research and development in the field of nuclear energy and radiation sciences and technology.

The production facilities of Pelchem are situated on the Pelindaba site of Necsa which is located in the Hartbeespoort area west of Pretoria and north west of Johannesburg. Pelchem also operates a satellite surface fluorination plant for treatment of motor vehicle fuel tanks on the site of Inergy Automotive Systems in Brits, district Madibeng.

Pelchem is committed to fluorochemical excellence by maintaining its high standard in the safe delivery of products, supported by technical - and safety assistance to its customers.


Last updated: November 23, 2011

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